Success Story | Manufacturing

A Case Study with Mazzella Companies


The Situation

As a leading manufacturer and distributor, Mazzella Companies needed an environment that could support its business goals. However, they dealt with multiple vendors, carriers, systems and networks, which made it challenging to achieve optimal efficiency and performance. Additionally, Mazzella’s rapid growth and complex environment required technology support with further bench depth, expertise and a skill set suited for their advancements. With various systems and an antiquated phone network, they were also in need of additional support for their technology infrastructure.

“To facilitate Mazzella’s exponential growth, they needed a partner who understood how to align technology solutions and industry best practices with business objectives.” – Karl H. Seiler, President, DataServ

The Opportunity

Given its vast areas of expertise and depth, Mazzella partnered with DataServ first through an Information Systems and Technology assessment. The team reviewed multiple facets of the company, including its security, network infrastructure, phone system, and collaboration tools. This comprehensive assessment crystalized the organization’s pain points. Through this process, DataServ discovered Mazzella’s network was not designed efficiently and would not support scalability.

The Results

Digital transformation is an integral component of Mazzella’s continued growth and expansion. Each time the company acquires a new location or plans a new initiative, DataServ performs an assessment. This ongoing assessment process ensures DataServ engages with all of Mazzella’s pain points and drives improvement to solve them. Mazzella’s continued success demanded the development and professional management of an efficient and scalable IT infrastructure. Because of the solutions DataServ continues to implement for Mazzella, they are able to save over $90,000 a year by implementing an SD-WAN solution, pursue new projects, and advancing their technology initiatives. We dedicate time to ensure any new project, initiative, or acquisition they wish to implement is possible. With their technology roadmap and expert support from DataServ, the Mazzella team is prepared to expand their business and meet their customers’ ongoing and changing needs.

Value Delivered

  • Through Mazzella Companies’ partnership, DataServ:
  • Completed a comprehensive Information Systems and Technology assessment
  • Continues to engage in ongoing strategic planning activities
  • Holds quarterly meetings to discuss progress and prioritize next projects
  • Transitioned MPLS wired network to an SD-WAN solution to increase the visibility of the performance of the network and prioritize traffic
  • Designed and deployed the network to create a cohesive environment which has supported the company as it grows organically and through acquisitions
  • Brings new sites online, nationally and internationally, in under two weeks
  • Assists in the relocation of employees and connectivity quickly to increase flexibility for a mobile and changing business environment
  • Delivers daily technology services as a utility in order to meet growing and changing needs

Products and Services Delivered


  • Engineer, design, deploy, and continue to manage VoIP telephone system as a service for over 200 phones, and SIP trunking with redundancy as a service.


  • Engineer, design, deploy, and continue to manage server, storage systems as a service, LAN, WAN, SD-WAN, and Wireless/WiFi as a service.
  • Remediate issues with ERP system.


  • Engineer, design, deploy, and continue to manage backup, restoration management, and 24/7 monitoring as a service, and firewall system and security policies as a service.