Success Story | Covid19 and Collaboration

A Case Study with DataServ


Prepare. Plan. Execute.

The Situation.

The U.S. declared a nationwide state of emergency in March 2020 as cases of COVID-19 escalated, forcing millions of employees nationally and globally to work remotely in order to adhere to “Stay at Home” policies and public health recommendations. Many struggled to adapt their continuity plans to, and the collaborative technology demanded by, the new normal. DataServ fosters a strong collaborative culture — we’re proud and active users of the very technology solutions and services we deliver. This means we were able to execute our Emergency Response Plan, adapt to the situation, and take immediate steps to safeguard our personnel and business operations. Because of our ability to execute this plan quickly and organically, we were able to assist our customers with their growing needs and with no redundancies. While more than 50% of our team already work remotely, by mid-March more than 90% of our team members completed their daily responsibilities from home with the collaborative infrastructure that was already established, using tools such as:

  • Dependable Broadband
  • End-Point Devices
  • Secured Remote Access (VPN)
  • Steadfast Communication
  • Encrypted Email
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Protected Shared Files
  • Video Conferencing Platform
  • Fluid Workflows and Processes

People. Process. Technology.

A collaborative mindset and culture go beyond a collaboration solution. It is the assessment and planning before the implementation that truly makes the difference. Our people and our processes laid the foundation of our company’s collaborative culture and infrastructure. We assessed our team member’s pain points, evaluated their workflows, and sought to implement a collaborative framework using technology that would allow an increase in efficiency and productivity.