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We’re so much more than an IT Managed Services provider. We’re expert partners, committed to helping you advance your mission. We’re technology doctors, treating your every pain point. And we’re solutions architects, building the infrastructure to make your big visions for growth and innovation possible.

Got tech pain? We can treat that.

Technology is a utility. We think you should be able to use it like one.

Only pay for what you use, and only use what works. That’s how you make your long-term costs predictable and sustainable. This is DataServ’s award-winning service approach. We call it our “utility model” because it recognizes that technology, like your electric and water bills, is a fundamental utility and resource – not just for moving forward in today’s markets, but also for simple, everyday operations. Our assessment process lets us get to know both your daily routines and your big picture plans so we can build out your environment and equip you with the best tools for your goals. But it’s our utility model that ensures that you’re funding what you actually need and paying for what you really use.

change the way you spend.

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We provide comprehensive assessment and executive strategic planning to pinpoint where your organization is now and where you want to go. Through Virtual CTO/CIO support, data analytics and business intelligence, we work with your people to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your information systems and technology.

chart your journey. We’ll bring the compass.


Our pragmatic approach to cybersecurity empowers organizations to refine and execute a their cyber journey alongside our experts, optimizing people, processes and investments. DataServ’s turnkey solutions also protect critical and essential assets with a 24/7 security operations team for your organization.

Partner with us to strengthen your Cybersecurity Journey


Juggling service providers can be a painful distraction from actually using your technology. We’ve got your back. We manage your in-house operations from security to infrastructure to collaboration.

got your hands full? we’ll lighten the load.


With us, your day-to-day systems are always supported and operational through data visibility on real-time dashboards, as well as help desk ticketing systems (including service metrics). We keep track of your inventory, budget planning, and service providers so that your utilities are always as visible to you as they are to us.

see your operations through our expert eyes.


We provide multiple levels of support for your end users, including Level 1 on-site support and remote support for escalations and expert assistance. And unlike those big service providers, we reach you – fast.

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We’re always there for you when you come to us with specific projects in mind. We bring our expertise to the table, offering you thorough assessment and design support from the planning stages to the project’s fruition.

big plans? we’ve got your back.

Don’t take it from us. Our customers can tell you.

“The utility model DataServ operates under has made budget management a lot easier because we have a better understanding of expenses and what is coming down the road.”

Amy Norman, Technology Supervisor – Newark City Schools

“The people at DataServ provide top-notch support. Everybody works with our team nicely, and we always have someone we can call if we experience an issue.”

John Hopkinson, Coordinator of Technology Support - Youngstown City Schools

“DataServ has a complete understanding of our technology systems which makes for quicker solutions and increased value for our school district.”

Dale L. Dickson, Superintendent - Johnstown-Monroe School District

“DataServ is a very good partner who provides high-quality services. They have the ability to help us plan for the future by analyzing our needs and providing cost-effective solutions.”

George J. Balasko, IT Coordinator - Police Department

“Having a partner that knows our environment, has put us in a position to continue to grow and they can help us react quickly to anything that comes up.”

John Fox, Director of IT - Mazzella Companies

“Our relationship with DataServ is truly a partnership. We work collaboratively to get ahead of the curve and can be strategic in our decisions.”

Scott Buchanan, CEO - The Ohio Masonic Home
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