Public Sector

We have significant experience in the K-12 education, higher education, library and municipality markets, assisting you in fulfilling your mission and serving your constituents.

Commercial Sector

Our professionals provide small and midsize companies with solutions that improve line of business efficiencies, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Provides enhanced productivity and reduced costs through an architecture centered around each user and offers audio, video and webconferencing and desktop sharing, all available for capture and future playback.

IP Telephony

Provides enhanced communications for your employees and reduced costs through unified access between email, phone and mobile device.

Network Core

Provides the infrastructure framework to reliably support all voice, video and data applications.


Provides enhanced access and reduced costs without sacrificing security for your users, all while offering performance and dependability.

Technical Assistance Center

Provides the infrastructure framework to reliably support all voice, video and cloud applications and solutions.

Data Center/Private Cloud

Provides application, data hosting and platform-as-a-service to move your servers and applications out of your closet and into our cloud.


Provides comprehensive monitoring and proactive services for servers and desktops, so that we can focus on your technology and you can focus on your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Combines intelligent software for image-based, bare-metal backups, online backup to the cloud, and an on-site appliance for near-instant virtualization of backed up servers.

Safety & Security

Provides access control, internal and external IP communication capability, IP video surveillance, intrusion detection, notification and alerts in an integrated solution to meet physical security needs.

Information Resource

Provides a centralized location for contract, inventory management and analytics of your system and technology needs, with easy access to online service ticket and tracking.

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