DataServ has provided Information Systems and Technology (IST) solutions to the public and commercial markets since 1986. Partnering with our clients over the past three decades, we have helped them to grow their organizations through various technology evolutions.

DataServ can help when you are just looking to reevaluate your current services or…when there are only a couple of technicians, no documentation and someone has put in their two-week notice. When our SWAT team is engaged, they use DataServ’s framework of people, process and technology to conduct an IST Assessment of the WHOLE environment, which empowers us to make a real difference in making recommendations for our clients.

Once Critical, Important and Noteworthy recommendations are provided from an Assessment, our “Everything as a Service” model consists of six offerings that our clients can consume in whole, or in parts, for Remediation:

Strategic Services

Operational Services

Managed Services

End User Support Services

Project-based Services

Professional Development

All of the six offerings above address collaboration tools, IP telephony, wireless, network core, data center and private cloud, servers and desktops, backup and disaster recovery, safety and security, ticketing and analytics, as well as Technical Assistance Center (TAC) help desk services. Leading by example, DataServ uses all of the services that we provide so that we can learn from our own first-hand experience in order to provide superior help to our clients through the Assessment and Remediation processes.

DataServ is also a very collaborative organization. We will work with you via Cisco Webex Teams, a secure space where we can call, meet, message, share files and whiteboard to work through Remediation solutions together. Plus, Webex Teams is integrated into Active Directory and Exchange Calendar for ease of scheduling.

Our success is due to not only our team members and their wide array of certified technology expertise, but also because we do truly partner with our clients to help them succeed in our crazy, ever-evolving digital world. Speaking of crazy, we can also help with those Ransomware nightmares by providing Remediation or, if you want to be proactive, a Readiness Assessment.

Having our entire DataServ company to count on, and turn to, through technology challenges will ease your mind and allow you to focus on your own business and successes.

To discover what we can do to help your organization, we can start the journey together with an IST Assessment. Please call us at (440) 892-2555 or use our Contact Form that will inform us that you are interested.

At DataServ, it is truly the people that make working here great. Employees are here for a reason. We hire people because of their intelligence, experience and passion for what we do.

We go out of our way to make things right for each other and for our clients. We care about employee happiness and making our clients happy too.

We are a transparent and team-oriented organization, where we welcome suggestions for efficiencies and improvement. Ask anyone for help and you will get help!

Our President is a Plan A, B and C man…as a result, we are always ahead of the technology curve and on a mission to innovate.

Prepare yourself for our fast-paced, multi-tasking environment - there is never a dull moment!

We are a community of passionate people driven to make a real difference by partnering with our clients to achieve shared success in the continually evolving digital world.