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Our executive leadership team is dedicated to supporting your organization. Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.

Karl Seiler

CEO & President,, 440-835-7070, Over 39 Years of Industry Experience, 32 Years with DataServ.

Tim Heikkila

Executive Director of Information Systems and Technology (IST) Services,, 440-899-3820, Over 20 Years of Industry Experience, 20 Years with DataServ.

Karen Knaack

Executive Director of Operations,, 440-835-7055, Over 21 Years of Industry Experience, 18 Years with DataServ.

Emmi Seiler

Director of Team Member Services,, 440-835-7057, Over 23 Years of Industry Experience, 17 Years with DataServ.

Brandon Shaw

Former Managing Partner, enCompass Group, LLC,, 440-421-9958, Over 20 years of Industry Experience and New to DataServ.

John Van Norman

Information Systems and Technology (IST) Account Manager,, 440-835-7062, Over 27 Years of Industry Experience, 27 Years with DataServ.

Paul Winkeler

Chief Technology Architect,, 440-899-3822, Over 35 Years of Industry Experience, 6 Years with DataServ.

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Our professionals provide IT solutions to the commercial and public sectors that improve efficiency and give organizations a competitive edge in their respective markets. We remove the burden of IT from their responsibilities, which allows them to focus on their core mission.

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