We value our partnerships with our customers. We solve their IT problems for them so they can focus on their success.

What our customers say

As the operator of a small business for the past 18 years, IT has always been a challenging and frustrating issue.

It has always been diificult to find sound partners who can present, in business rather than IT terms, the needs, costs and benefits of new and replacement IT products and services.

In a recent staff meeting there was broad consenus that the current state of our support is the "the best it has ever been".

DataServ is very responsive when a ticket is opened and their process to see it through is lock-tight. We are very happy with our decision to work with DataServ and look forward to a relationship for many years.

We have utilized the district technology assessment and project services of DataServ and have found them to be exceptionally professional, detail oriented, and responsive to the unique needs of our school district.

We are currently considering a contract with DataServ to provide technology services now and into the future utilizing a “cost for services” vs. a “cost of operations” model.

I would highly recommend DataServ for your technology assessment, project, service and/or coordination needs.

We decided we’re not in the IT business, we needed a true partner. That’s where NWOCA and DataServ came to the table to sit down and help us understand where we’re at and where we can be (based on our educational goals), while at the same time looking at the budgetary needs to maintain the investment.